Phone Solutions


Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, even non-smart phones! Stream mobile phone calls directly to your Naída CI sound processor with the EasyCall accessory.

Answer the phone as you normally would to automatically begin streaming. Bilateral and bimodal recipients (with a compatible Phonak hearing aid) will hear the call in both ears at the same time, for better understanding.

The Phonak EasyCall accessory attaches to the back of your cell phone so it is with you all the time, providing a seamless telephone listening experience, without any intermediary devices. 

EasyCall has a rechargeable battery and provides 10 hours of talk time.

*Please note the Phonak EasyCall may require a programming appointment with your clinician for use. Your Naída CI must be initialized in SoundWave 2.3TM (AB's latest release of fitting software) to work with the EasyCall.  


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