Looking for Something Else?

In addition to the great accessories available from the AB Accessory Store, Advanced Bionics also offers additional products through AB Customer Service

  • Power Options and Chargers:
    • Including PowerCel™ Batteries, PowerCel mini batteries, Zinc-Air Battery Paks, Zinc-Air Disposable Batteries, Naída CI PowerCel Chargers, Naída CI Power Supply with Adapters, AAA PowerPaks, Power Adapter Cables, NiMH Battery Chargers, AAA Batteries

  • Audio Earhooks:
    • Naída CI T-Mic™ 2 Microphones, Naída CI Earhooks
  • Spare Parts:
    • T-Mic™ 2 Pin Removal Tools, Microphone Covers, Power Adapter Pins
  • Other Accessories:
    • Naída CI Listening Checks, Naída CI Power Adapters, AB myPilot Power Supply, Naída CI Travel Cases, Dry & Store® Desiccant Kits, Desiccant Briks
  • Headpieces and Cables:
    • Universal Headpiece (UHP), AquaMic™ Headpiece; UHP Cables, AquaMic Cables
Contact AB Customer Service:
Toll free: 877.829-0026
Email: CustomerService@AdvancedBionics.com